Introductory Sake Brewing Seminar

Introductory Sake Brewing Seminar

Introductory Sake Brewing Seminar(Online Video Course)

This online course is suitable for beginners of sake brewing.

CourseFees(Currency : JPY)

55,000(tax included


120 days  
You may view the course as many times as you wish during the course availability period. 

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Sample Video

Lecture Contents
  1. Basics of sake brewing  (Lecture time: 25 minutes)
  2. Brewing sake: Part I  (Lecture time: 113 minutes)
  3. Brewing sake:Part  (Lecture time: 23 minutes)
  4. Handling of sake yeast and its effects on the characteristics of sake (Lecture time: 27 minutes)
  5. Microbial control in the brewing process and final product  (Lecture time: 46 minutes)
  6. Component analysis of sake  (Lecture time: 54 minutes)
  7. Tasting of sake  (Lecture time: 13 minutes)
  8. Special lecture  (Lecture time: 14 minutes)
Important Notes 
  • This seminar is written with the context of sake brewing in Japan. If you are brewing sake in a location outside of Japan, pleasecomply with the local laws and regulations.
  • The products discussed in the seminar aremainly those sold in Japan. Please note that they may not be available overseas. 





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