SAKE(秋山 裕一著/井上 喬翻訳) 3,850円(税込)

秋山 裕一著/井上 喬翻訳








秋山裕一著 日本酒 岩波新書334の英語訳版
日本語版の岩波新書334「日本酒」は 5章立てになっていますが、英語版「SAKE」ではChapter ? The Amazing Abilities of Koji (麹の驚異的な力)が追加され、麹菌の驚異的な力にいち早く着目し、数々の発明をなしとげた高峰譲吉博士の業績をたどりながら、「国菌」と称される麹菌の菌学的な性質、麹菌の安全性、さらには麹菌の分子生物学にもふれています。また、岩波新書の「日本酒」は1994年に刊行されましたので、統計的な数値などが本書では、いずれも最新のもの(2006〜8年)に修正されています。


B5版・カラー印刷・201頁・価格 3,500円+税

“NIHONSHU” by Dr. Hiroichi Akiyama is now available in English under the title “SAKE”. It was originally published in 1994 by Iwanami Shoten Publishers, Tokyo.
This English edition has been revised and is published with the permission of the author and by arrangement with Iwanami Shoten Publishers.

Translator:Dr. Takashi INOUE
English language editor:Dr. Elizabeth KAMEI
Size:B5, 201 pages of color printing
Publisher:Brewing Society of Japan (Nov. 2010)
ISBN : 978-4-9903394-1-8

Price:Retail price: ¥ 3,500 + tax

The Japanese edition of (SAKE), published as “Nihonshu ” Iwanami shinsho No.334, consists of 5 chapters. The English edition of “SAKE” contains an additional chapter. In the new chapter entitled “The Amazing Abilities of Koji”, the author reviews the valuable contributions and inventions of Dr. Jokichi Takamine. Dr. Takamine (1854−1922) was a scientist and entrepreneur who identified the amazing potential of Aspergillus oryzae.
The author also describes the characteristics of the fungus, food safety issues and the molecular biology of Aspergillus oryzae, which is The National Fungus of Japan.
Iwanami shinsho No.334 was published more than 15 years ago, thus the data in “SAKE” has been revised to include the latest figures available (2006−2008).
“SAKE” answers many questions about the wonderful Japanese alcohol beverage “sake” and how it is brewed.

We recommend this book to everyone interested in the history of Japanese sake and Chinese alcoholic drinks, and also to those who have to describe sake in English.

In addition, we hope you will enjoy the illustrations drawn by the author’s wife.


◆Preface to the International Edition by
the translator

◆Preface by the author


I An Overview of Sake: Present and Past
II Principles of Sake Brewing
III The Wonders of Sake brewing
IV The Amazing Abilities of Koji
V The Origins of Sake
VI The People Involved in Sake Brewing

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◆Index by Subject, Personal name and Place name