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1. Research and technological development on brewing

We investigate the characteristics of brewing microbes to maintain their own natures, the analytical methods of brewing products, and manufactural process controls.


2. To help our members through their brewing studies, technological evelopments, and promote their practical use.

1) Through the scientific conference "Nippon JMzM Gakkai", we provide our member
researchers and technicians a forum to present and announce their achievements and
discuss these.

2) We offer advice on technical problems of brewers and reply to the consultative
questions on brewing from anyone. Moreover, we accept the analysis or sensible
evaluation of brewing products and offer necessary materials or information for
them. (Charging a fee in some cases)

3) We hold the following seminar which serves in the education of brew masters and
coworker technicians. The general public is also invited to attend.
In these seminars, we confer an attendance certificate on students who attend the
sake brewing beginners’ seminar or the practical sake tasting training course.
Furthermore, we confer a title of "Master (Mistress) of Sake Tasting" on the student
who obtains results that are higher than a constant standard in the course, and also
confer a memorial plaque for particular excellence.

[1] Sake Brewing Technology, [2] Sake Brewing Beginners’ Seminar, [3] Sake
Brewing Seminar for Ladies, [4] Sake Brewers Management, [5] Enology and Wine,
[6] Fermentation Seasoning Food, [7] Practical Sake Tasting Training Course, [8]
Seminar for Sake Brewmasters, [9] ShMchk Conference, and [10] Sake and Craft Beer

Memorial shield conferred to excellent sake assessor Certificate of "Master of Sake Tasting"


4) We offer many courses on brewing in Web-learning. Participants can study the
courses referring to the textbook using a PC anytime and anywhere.

5) We have a training system for the person who wants to learn a brewing technology
systematically by studying for a certain period of time.


3. To collect and stock the genetic resources of microorganisms and to
distribute them.

We collect microorganisms as genetic resources from Japan or in foreign countries
and elucidate their taxonomical and brewing properties and stock them. We also
distribute the strains which can be used in brewing.
The microorganisms which we distribute now are as follows.
These may be provided in a study purpose other than brewers to the domestic
research institute and university.

1) KyMkai Sake yeast
Foam forming strains: K-6, K-7, K-9, K-10, K-11, and K-14.
Non-foam forming strains: K-601, K-701, K-901, K-1001,
K-1401, K-1501, K-1601, K-1701, K-1801, K-1901, and KT-901.
Dry Sake yeast: K-701, and K-901.
Miscellaneous: High malic acid acid forming strain (No.28, No.77)
Urea non-forming strain (KArg-701, KArg-901), and Red colored strain.

2) KyMkai ShMchk yeast S-2, S-3, S-4 and Dry ShMchk yeast (S-2).

3) KyMkai Wine yeast W-1, W-3, and W-4.

4) KyMkai Persimmon yeast (For deodorization of persimmon tannin juice.)


Manufacturing process of the ampoule bottling yeast

[1] The yeast is cultured in a
200-300L vessel.

[2] Yeast cells are harvested and washed with sterilized water to remove the medium.

→ After strict quality checks, the cells go to a bottling process [3].

[3] Yeast cells are bottled to an ampoule and heat sealed.
[4] Labelling is the last process for the completed product.
Procedures [2] and [3] are performed in a sterile room.



4. Honoring brewing researchers and skilled technicians

We recognize achievements in brewing research, investigation, and technical
developments, and we also honor the skilled technicians for the purpose of further
improvement of their technics and succession of skills.
(1) ItM Yasuhei Prize, (2) Technical Prize, (3) Achievement Prize, and a prize of
encouragement for younger scientists of The Scientific Conference of Brewing Society
of Japan, (4) Prize for Skilled Technician of Brewing.

(1-3) are medals. (4) is a badge.


5. Issue of a bulletin and books about brewing
Issued books

1 ) 清酒製造技術(Sake brewing technology)
2 ) 最新酒造講本(The latest sake brewing mannual)
3 ) 清酒入門(Introduction of sake brewing)、
4 ) やさしい清酒の貯蔵・出荷管理(Basic technique of storage and
shipment managements of sake)
5 ) 吟醸と吟醸酵母(How to brew ginjo-shu and to use yeasts)
6 ) 本格焼酎製造技術(Traditional shMchk making technology)
7 ) 麹学(The science of kMji)
8 ) 分子麹菌学(Molecular biology of kMji fungi)
9 ) 国税庁所定分析法注解(Explanatory book of the official methods
of analysis by National Tax Agency)
10 ) 醤油の科学と技術(The science and technology of soy sauce)
11 ) 味噌の釀造技術(The manufacture and technology of miso )
12 ) 日本酒用資材Q&A (Q&A on sake treating materials)
13 ) 酒造教本(The textbook of sake brewing)
14 ) 酒造実習(The training book of sake brewing)
15 ) 醸造物の成分(The chemical components of brewing products and
their manufacturing process)
16 ) BCOJ ビ-ル分析法(Analytical methods of beer by BCOJ)
17 ) 同微生物分析法(The methods of microbial analysis of beer by BCOJ)
18 ) 同官能評価法(The methods of tasting beer by BCOJ)
19 ) ビ-ルの基本技術(Fundamental technology of beer brewing)
20 ) 英独和ビ-ル用語辞典( English-German-Japanese Brewers’ Dictionary)
21 ) 醸造物の機能性(Physiological functionality of brewing products)
22 ~ 23) 清酒酵母の研究・80 、90 年代の研究(The studies of sake yeast,
the achievements of 1980s and 1990s)
24) SAKE


6. Sale of Sake Treating Materials

We sell the following supplies to use for the detection of microbial contaminants,
for storage control and for shipment management on the sake brewing.

1 ) 酒類清澄剤、クラリンS (A clarifying agent, Clarin S)
2 ) 火落菌検出培地と火落菌検出液(A nutrient medium for the detection of lactic acid
bacteria harming sake and the liquid nutrient medium which has been prepared)
3 ) 生酸菌検出液(A liquid nutrient medium for detecting the acid forming bacteria)
4 ) きょうかい7号酵母検出培地(A nutrient medium for the detection of K-7 sake yeast)
5 ) 優良酵母検出用TTC 培地(A nutrient medium for the detection of pure sake yeasts)
6 ) 酒造用白米精米判別試薬(The color reagent for judging the state of rice polishing)
7 ) トリプトファンメラノイジン(Tryptophan melanoidin: a reagent for the detection of
decoloration ability of activated carbon).


7. Inspection of the standard norm of sake treating materials.


8. Requested research and analysis


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